5 Reasons To Book a Mid-Week Hotel Break

Posted on 17 May 2022 in Hotel Deals Ireland

SuperValu Getaway Breaks always want to find great hotel break prices for you! If you’re stuck in a cycle of working, drinking coffee, sleeping, and repeating, it might be the perfect time to book your next break away. There is no such thing as the right and wrong time to book a break, but SuperValu Getaway Breaks have great reasons for you to book a mid-week hotel break. There are so many benefits of mid-week travel, offering the chance to save time, money, and hassle.

We’ve put together a few great reasons why you should book a mid-week hotel break.

1. Cheaper Rates

Often or not, one of the main factors that will pop up when you’re looking for the perfect hotel break, is price. One of the great benefits of booking a mid-week stay is the cheaper hotel rates. Generally, demand is higher at the weekend so for those of you who can travel mid-week, take full advantage and reap the benefits of off-peak prices.

2. Added Extra’s

Not only do you get great prices mid-week, but you will also get better value for money on mid-week hotel deals. Bonus night stay offers are ample, spa breaks deals are perfect for a mid-week girly getaway, and dinner B&B offers are great if you’re looking to spend quality time with a loved one. If that wasn’t enough, you are also guaranteed free breakfast in every hotel. You will often secure early check-ins and late check out’s mid-week giving you a great way to switch off from reality, even if it is for one night.  

3. Availability

There is no doubt that hotel breaks are in high demand at the weekend. You will be sure to find your desired hotel with good availability and room options if you opt to travel mid-week. Break your usual Monday to Friday grind and click here to see some of our great hotels with mid-week availability.

4. Beat the Crowds

Ever feel like you’re sitting in your car in a bottleneck of traffic with everyone looking to go in one direction? Maybe it only feels like that, but traffic can be a hindrance when traveling. Head away on a mid-week break and you can expect much less traffic, another great reason to book a mid-week break.

5. Peace and Quite

Head to some of your favourite attractions and activities and grab pole position if you opt to go mid-week. It’s almost a given that your visit to a wealth of tourist attractions, restaurants, and other facilities will be far less crowded than if you were to visit at the weekend. Not only that, but you will also avoid queues and crowds and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of your chosen attraction. Furthermore, cost savings again come into consideration, sometimes mid-week discounts are available at various attractions.

Break free from reality and book your next mid-week hotel break. Even a one-night escape, a few hours from home is all it takes to feel refreshed and re-energised. We’ve got some greats hotel to choose from including Kilronan CastleKillashee House Hotel & the wonderful Falls hotel. If you’re looking to treat the entire family, check out some fabulous family rooms, or perhaps a romantic gourmet getaway is more your thing.

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